En samling med linker av interesse. Oversikten inneholder i hovedsak linker til hjelp for slektsforskning, men også andre.

A few links I often use, mainly links to genealogical resources

A - I

J - R

S - Z

Ancestry.com A large collection of family history records on the web

Konger i Danmark. A link to list of Danish (and some Norwegian) kings

Slekt.no, et sted for slektsforskere. Mange gode linker videre. (A web site for genealogist)

AncestralFindings Genealogy databases and search capabilities


TNG software. Link to software for genealogy db on the network.

Arkivverket-Digitalarkivet Norwegian public archives with digital avalable censuses, church records etc.

MyTrees. A large collection of family history records on the web





Bygdebøker. Oversikt over bygdebøker (list of local history books with genealogical information)

Nasjonalbiblioteket. Norwegian National Library.



Norsk Slektshistorisk Forening society for Norwgian genealogists.



Diplomatarium Danicum Danish documents from the period 789 – 1450. Searchable.


Project Runeberg electronic editions of classic Nordic (Scandinavian) literature and make them openly available over the Internet. Includes Danish biographical lexicon,


Diplomatarium Norvegicum volume I-XXI with 18000 letters from the period 1050 – 1590. Searchable.



DIS Norge site for the Norwegian society for digital genealogy.






Familysearch genealogy databases supported and maintained by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.













Andre lenker / other links – probably more for personal use.

Measurement and Metrics



Balanced Scorecard Institute

Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a method of mapping measurements to the business objectives they support.

Practical Software Measurement (PSM)

PSM is a defense-sponsored organization devoted to finding better ways of conducting and presenting project measurements.

SEI Software Engineering Measurement and Analysis (SEMA)

A portion of the SEI devoted to measurement research. Mentions the GQ(I)M report from 1996, and the statistical process control text by Florac and Carlton.

Statistical training

 The Institute for Statistics Education


Programming and Internet




Real-time Programming

Realtime Encyclopedia

Real-Time for the Real World


The Linux Documentation Project

The Linux Kernel – where to find the latest version

Linux Online – a great general info page for Linux

SuSE – Linux distribution vendor

Linux Journal - magazine

O'Reilly Open Source References

Object-oriented Programming, UML, and Patterns

Use Cases – Alistair Cockburn’s definitive thoughts

OO Numerics – scientific computing in OO languages

Object Management Group – creators of UML and CORBA

UML – Home of the Unified Modeling Language, including its standard

UML Resource Center – at Rational software


Ada Information Clearinghouse

SigAda – an ACM special interest group

Ada Conformity Assessment Authority


Internet Resources



Anybrowser Campaign

Campaign for e non-browser specific www.

Internet Society

Internationalization of the Internet.

IETF - Internet Engineering Task Force

They do research on new possible standards for use on the Internet.

Internet FAQ Consortium

Frequently Asked Questions for newsgroups.

Internet RFC's

RFC = Request For Comments, some of which become standards for Internet protocols.

The Correct Time

There really is a government site to tell the time, “time.gov”.


Navy site for official time.

Web Pages That Suck

Ad for book of the same name; has great examples of what NOT to do.

World Wide Web Consortium

Focus on WWW common issues.


Structured Documents (SGML and XML)



Robin Cover's SGML/XML Page

A classic info page for SGML and XML

XML home pages (dot Org and dot Com)

Great places to start for XML info

OASIS – Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards

Define and promote structured document standards


Book about Docbook

Docbook is a document structure used for technical documentation, e.g. for Linux and other open source projects

Ghostview and Ghostscript

PostScript file viewer – can also use Adobe Acrobat.



Other Topics

History of Computing



The Hello World! Page

In 199 different programming languages



Site and Description

Music software (editing, notation, recording, and education)

Ars Nova – Practica Musica education program

Bias – Peak audio editing

Cakewalk- SONAR and various Loopy programs

Dolby – sound effects, surround sound

Steinberg –Cubase

Syntrillium – Cool Edit

Digital music hardware

Boston Acoustics – speakers

Carver – amps

Cedar – audio restoration processors

Denon – receivers

Digidesign – ProTools

Echo – professional grade sound cards and recording hardware

Kurzweil – digital pianos

Linnmusic systems

MOTU – Mark of the Unicorn; Digital Performer

PreSonus – audio processing, preamps, EQ

Rane – pro audio gear (preamps, etc.)

Shure - mics

Music retail sales

8th Street


AudioMidi – educational pricing

Musician’s Friend

Sam Ash

Sheet music

Hal Leonard Online

Vanguards Records

Theodore Presser

Sheet Music Plus – online retailer of sheet music



Computer Music – based in the UK

Harmony Central – lots of product reviews

Sound on Sound magazine